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"Loving it, best tables best seats, best everything, infact the best 200 punds i've ever spent, well nearly."
Regards, Lord G.C. UK - August 2001

Think English Titles are reserved for the aristocracy and privileged few? Well that’s not strictly true. You see Elite Titles makes it easy for you to legally own one of a selection of English Titles that you can include on your passport, driving licence and bankcards.

Imagine what fun you could have as Lord and Lady… or Duke and Duchess ! (You have 15 different Titles to choose from).

Read all about one of our clients in this Daily Mail article

As well as indulging in a little English grandeur you may, like some of our satisfied customers, experience life as a VIP or celebrity with free hotel and airline upgrades as well as preferential treatment – and all because you have a legal English Title in your name...

You can read much more about our Title services HERE

In summary:

  • Non-Seated Title: Just the Title before your name. EG. "Lord John Smith"
  • Seated Title: Title and place name. EG. "Lord John Smith of Westwind"
  • Lord of the Manor: Become "Lord of the Manor of Chestham"

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