Seated Titles

"Hi Andrew, Just to let you know that all (replacement Deeds) arrived this morning safe and well, many thanks to you, we are truly grateful. The service and expertise received from yourself and "Elite Titles" has been second to none, no dramas or problems just great value and professional service from start to finish. I can honestly say that, on that day 10 years or so ago when i first read about "Elite Titles" in the paper and contacted you for the first time, you instantly banished any doubts i may have had. Obtaining our seated titles from "Elite Titles" has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. If any of your customers ever read this and are wondering "should they go for it", take it from me you will not REGRET IT. Very Best Wishes to you and Elite."

Regards, G - UK - August 2012

If there was a way you could be treated like a celebrity or even royalty, wouldn’t you want it?  Imagine how good (and how much fun) it would feel to be treated like a VIP wherever you go...   From the best seats in the house to hotel upgrades and preferential treatment – these are just a few examples of the privileges some Elite Titles customers have enjoyed, simply because they have a Title in their name.

These Titles come with land so instead of just being "Lord Smith", you could be "Lord Smith of Westminster".

Lord Andrew Bulpin

A Title makes a great gift!...

"Hi, The Title arrived this morning for xxx. what a truly wonderful piece of work you have presented. I received your email at 8.10am informing me it was due for delivery, at 8.20 am the postman knocked at the door with it, most impressive. I am extremely intrigued how you manage to deal with the Land side of things? But also appreciate that it is only a bought title. I would highly recommend you and thank you for your work."
Yours Faithfully, Gift buyer (Lady) - UK - May 2019