Retirement Closure

1st July, 2023

Retirement Closure Notice!

Those of you who have read "Our Story" will know that I started this business in 1998 - where have the last 25 years gone? It only seems like yesterday that the first website was launched and we started to attract clients from all over the World.

We have had some truly amazing clients and it has been great fun serving you all.

A quarter of a century on and having “semi-retired” this time last year I have decided to retire completely - I am 60 this year, although I still feel 40! Kindly note that from 1 July, 2023 we will not be accepting any further applications.

If you have placed an application with us it will of course be completed.

Thank you for supporting Elite Titles and I wish you all the best for the future.


PS. Our contact details remain the same whilst closing the business down.

23rd June 1998 ~ 30th June 2023